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Up to 36,000 square-feet of space will become available in March 2016. Learn more HERE!



Visit Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment to view our current exhibitions featuring work by artists from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, New Orleans, and even Portugal. This international showing features a diverse mix of artistic forms spread through all six of our galleries. Read more about these shows and upcoming Lowe Mill shows here. 

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Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment is America’s largest independent center for the arts. With over 120 working artists, small businesses, restaurants, and live performance venues, this huge historic textile mill is now a rising home for music, art, and culture. Visitors are encouraged to enter our studios and speak with artists to learn about their work processes, inspirations, and to purchase work. Check our event calendar and public hours for visiting times and come see us!


Wednesday 12pm-6pm

Thursday 12pm-6pm

Friday 12pm-8pm

Saturday 12pm-6pm 

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