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Event Rental

Lowe Mill A&E is a regular host of third-party events and could be the perfect location for your party, performance, wedding, photography session, or anything else you can dream up! With several event locations throughout our huge historical facility, chances are we have a rental space to fit your event’s needs.

To find out more about event rentals contact Matt Bakula at For a full list of pricing and policies, download our contract.
Rental Contract

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First Floor Connector Room


(approx. 4320 sq ft) Fully climate controlled. This is our largest indoor event venue representative of the original state of the building with easy access to the East Parking Lot for loading and unloading. Perfect for banquets, large meetings and private parties. This venue contains its own restroom and access to water and power outlets.

This venue is available from 12pm – 12 am Wed-Sat though must be open to the public during our public hours. *Please inquire regarding this recent change in policy*.  


Railroad Room 2

(Approx. 2,300 sq ft)  This is an outdoor event venue supplying minimal overhead covering, lighting and power outlets. There is also access to a water spigot.  Perfect for cookouts and parties when privacy is not an issue.  Includes 10’ x 8’ stage platform and backdrop.   Easy access to and from West Lawn/Parking Lot.  This venue is available from 12pm – 12am Wed-Sat.  Any and all use of loud speakers must be silenced by 10:00pm due to City Noise Ordinance. 

Studio 150

STUDIO 150.  (approx. 3375 sq ft) Fully climate controlled. This is our mid-sized indoor venue that offers the utmost of privacy. It has an entrance to the S. Wing and an entrance from the West Lawn or Smoke Stack Lot. Ample power and elegant lighting. A former soundstage, Studio 150 has a ‘theater ready’ atmosphere while also being as rustic as we can offer. The space contains additional rooms available for an extra charge. *Please inquire regarding this recent change in policy* Studio 150 is available from 12pm – 12am, Wed – Sat. 










Lowe Mill Grounds

Includes East Dock and Lawn, West Lawn and Rail Road Space #2 as well as the 1st Floor Connector Room. Renting the Grounds is only for the truly serious event holder interested in a festival type atmosphere. The East Dock serves as the stage for any type of concert or performance and the lawns add a “backyard” feel to any event. Access to Men/Women’s Restrooms and limited power outlets available. The Lowe Mill A&E Grounds are available from 12pm – 12am Wed – Sat. Lowe Mill will remain open to the public during public hours 12 – 6 pm Wed – Sat 12 – 8pm Fri. 1st Floor Connector is the only venue with the option of privacy.


 North Wing Classroom

(Approx. 1,248 sq ft) The North Wing Classroom seats up to 70 with tables and chairs provided.  Use of our 52 inch monitor is included in your rental.  This venue is perfect for workshops, classes and short term gatherings.  Events in this venue may be subject to some restrictions.  This venue is only available during public hours. Wed-Sat 12-6pm Fri 12-8pm.





Third Floor Warehouse

( Approx. 1,875 sq ft)  This venue is not climate controlled.  This is one of our last remaining “wide open” spaces inside Lowe Mill A&E.  It is truly representative of the original state of the building with large windows and ample natural lighting.  Perfect for private photography sessions.  This is not an event venue and is only available during public hours.  Wed-Sat 12-6pm Fri 12-8pm

All facility photos by Ian McCalister

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