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June 19, 2019 @ 12:00 PM – August 3, 2019 @ 6:00 PM
First Floor Main Gallery
2211 Seminole Dr. Huntsville
Al 35805
Robert Daniel

This exhibition round includes works by Butch Anthony which will be on view in the First Floor Main Gallery from June 19 – August 3 2019. 


From the artist:

My work strongly reflects the influences of my upbringing in the deep rural South. It illustrates an abiding interest that I’ve had since childhood in the processes of nature and the inner-connectiveness of the many aspects of the natural environment. My university training was in biology. I have always been fascinated and deeply moved by the wonders of nature, and ever since the youngest years of my life I have spent countless hours and days studying my natural surroundings. Through that, I developed a uniquely personal way of categorizing and illustrating the processes and components of life —  “Intertwangleism.” 

Inter = to mix

twangle = a distinctive way of speaking, thinking, behaving, assessing

ism = a theory. 

​To clarify the underlying elements of Intertwangleism, I break the physical forms of nature into the following parts: bones, veins, muscles, skin, clothes or covering, shadow, and movement.

The following is a quote from a statement that was written a few years ago for my solo exhibition at the Black Rat Project in London, England. “Butch Anthony is an artist not easily defined. He collects bizarre objects and transforms them into strangely beautiful art.”

At first, as a youngster, I started drawing pictures of local characters who lived around my home town of Seale, Alabama. I drew portraits of them on cardboard or on other readily available materials. Then, as time went by and more and more people became interested in my work, I began to make increasingly elaborate pieces, incorporating various elements and materials – most of which were bits and pieces that others had simply discarded as trash. Soon I was being visited by scores of other artists, museum curators, and art collectors who came from all around the South and beyond. Many of them simply wanted to meet me while others wanted purchase my work. I began to fully develop my own personal style and eventually that evolved into Intertwangelism

 Recently I have developed an interest in incorporating graffiti-like imagery in my work and in making increasingly complex sculptural pieces and large installations from scrap metal, various found objects, and other most unlikely components. I want to explore those avenues fully and develop even deeper layers within my already established artistic themes and methods. I have reached a point in my career where I would like to greatly expand my visibility and my credibility as an artist. A grant would allow me to create a traveling exhibition that would mimic my Museum of Wonder. The exhibition that I mounted in 2014 at the Akron Museum of Art, titled Life after Death, or via post mortum, was a reduced version of this. And more recently I installed a major compilation of my work in the main exhibition gallery at The Wiregrass Museum of Art in Dothan, Alabama. My plan is make a similar, but greatly enlarged, version of those installations with entirely new and more ambitious complexity. The finished exhibition would then be made available for installation in museums around the United States and abroad.

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