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February 27, 2019 @ 12:00 PM – April 20, 2019 @ 6:00 PM
First Floor West Gallery
2211 Seminole Dr. Huntsville
Al 35805
Robert Daniel

This exhibition round includes works by Timbrook Toys which will be on view in the First Floor West Gallery from February 27-April 20 2019.  

From the artists:

To Whichever Scoundrel This May Concern,

This exhibition displays the art and labor involved in the making of Hedge Lord, the first board game from the illustrious founders of Timbrook Toys.

Hedge Lord is a foul game of deception and villainy. Players become nefarious lords who enter a mysterious hedge maze and attempt to escape or eviscerate in order to become the most revered Hedge Lord and inheritor of all their peers’ ill-gained riches. Players must accomplish this fantastic feat with their loyal beasts and with the help, or hindrance, of the moving hedge maze.

Molly and Dustin Timbrook manufacture every copy of Hedge Lord using real wood, felled from our continents most endangered forests. We silkscreen, saw, finesse, and fashion these games in our Huntsville, Alabama home. It is your privilege to find in this dandy display a playable copy of Hedge Lord, along with original illustrations used in the game’s design as well as portraits and stories of the dastardly lords.

Our scheme is that Hedge Lord be merely the genesis of a whole line of trifles, trinkets, volumes, and vendibles from Timbrook Toys. Our labyrinthian plot to become nobles of novelty unfolds before you today.

Coldest regards,

Timbrook Toys.


About the artists:

Dustin is the artist and designer for Timbrook Toys. He graduated from The University of Montevallo with a Bachelor’s in painting and a Master’s in Education. He moved to Huntsville after graduation to teach but decided to pursue art full-time instead. Dustin has been active in Huntsville’s arts and marketing communities ever since. You may recognize some of his iconic works, such as the big downtown koi mural, the “I Prayed for Toffee” t-shirts, the Unimpeachable Pale Ale label, (you know, the one where former Governor Bentley gropes a peach,) and #Jarrence, a perennial Halloween favorite.

Molly is the writer and planner for Timbrook Toys. She moved to Huntsville after college to pursue a career in technical writing and graduated from The University of Alabama in Huntsville with a graduate certification in technical communication and a Master’s degree in English. She bakes a lot. Mostly cake.  

Both Timbrooks tell stories together and are probably up to their elbows in sawdust as you read this.

Dustin and Molly were married at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment in November 2018. They have two dogs, Betty (ten years old) and Ernest (one year old), and a guinea pig, Georgie (five and a half).

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