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August 7, 2019 @ 12:00 PM – September 21, 2019 @ 6:00 PM
First Floor Ramp Gallery
2211 Seminole Dr. Huntsville
Al 35805
Robert Daniel

This exhibition round includes works by Wesley Kramer which will be on view in the First Floor Ramp Gallery from August 7 – September 21 2019.


From the artist:

My art and research practice is based upon the notion of creating a story within a world that I build. The stories revolve around characters that may not make the best decision. However they are trying their best to help out their fellow companions. By utilizing printmaking, I can easily spread my stories to more viewers, making them more readily available for others to see and interpret. In this narrative that I am building, I have created a series of characters that exist in their own reality, where they interact with one another. Using inspiration from comic books, I create a world filled with humor, whimsical stories, and chunky creatures. Through these images, I invite the viewer to participate in an alternative world that reflects everyday life and social interactions. As these stories progress, I am slowly expanding their environment visually and narratively. Including within it is their attitudes, integrity, and lifestyles. I will continuously show how each individual character interacts with one another in my prints to reflect on how our own actions can help or hurt others in our lives.

My current body of work is based upon the actions of these two recurring characters named B.B. and O.J. The characters of B.B. and O.J. are my representation of brains and brawns; O.J. being the brains, and B.B. the brawns. I gather inspiration for their encounters from my past experiences growing up on a campground, my own very active imagination, and stories of mythology. The interactions that my characters have and their presumption of good can be interpreted by the viewer. In whether or not this perception of good truly is to help their fellow companions. or only to benefit themselves. From that I illustrate a new imaginative world for these characters to live, explore, and help or hurt others that may be less fortunate.


About the artist:

Born in Huntsville Alabama just like my mother in Huntsville Hospital. I moved to Illinois when I was young but continued to visit Huntsville often as long as my grandparents still lived in Huntsville, AL. My grandmother retired from Redstone Arsenal and my grandfather from NASA often telling me about space. My family settling in Garden Prairie, Illinois along the Kishwaukee River where my parents bought a campground. The vast amount of area to roam gave way to my wild imagination. I’d spend my childhood exploring all over the campground in the woods and in the river. Always finding new exciting ways to entertain my younger brother and I. We’d adventure and explore everything the campground had to offer together. After graduating high school, I started discovering I loved to draw and make art while attending a community college. When I finally went to the Northern Illinois University, I found the medium that best allowed me to express myself was printmaking. The idea of making multiples of my artwork fascinated me because it gave me the opportunity to sell and trade them like pokemon cards.

After graduating from NIU, I found myself with a great opportunity to work under Tom Huck a world famous printmaker at Evil Prints. I am now wrapping up my two years at Evil Prints to start my next journey. I will begin graduate school at The University of Oklahoma in the fall.

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