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February 8, 2019 @ 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
North Floor Classroom Studio 2008
Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment 2211 Seminole Dr.
Robert Daniel


In the second class of our four part Foraging Natural Color: Drawing series we will be focusing on earth materials–such as rocks and clay that can be found in your local area. We will walk through how and where to find usable rocks, how to break them down, and their application to art-making. Students will leave with a jar of pigment of their very own and an art material made from the pigments.
Supplies to bring- Two jars with lids, a mortar and pestle, a strainer, a breathing mask, safety goggles, any kind of heavy duty paper and brushes.
Optional- Rocks, minerals, or clay that you in any color you like.
Nathan Harper is an artist and educator from Florence Alabama. He received his BFA in Drawing and New Media from the University of Montevallo in 2017. After graduation he began teaching visual art in Huntsville Alabama at New Century Technology high school. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Alabama and Ohio.
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