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North Wing First Floor

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In December of 2014, Lowe Mill A&E opened the second floor of the North Wing. With the addition of 31 new studios and a large gallery space, Lowe Mill A&E became the nation’s largest privately owned arts facility. Eventually, the floor itself saw an expansion, brining in 5 new spaces. In March 2016, the entire first floor of the North Wing became available with up to 36,000 sq. ft. of usable artist and maker space. We are currently working on leasing out the entire floor.

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The first floor of the North Wing has never been open to the public. Previously housed by a bioanalytical testing company, the floor includes an array of features ideal for maker space. Anything from fashion design to home furnishings to a winery could readily take over the space . As of May 2016, a portion of the floor has been leased, but in order to open the space, we are working on leasing out the entire wing before continuing renovations.

Lowe Mill A&E provides a thriving creative community where artists and makers can learn and collaborate. It’s an incubator of meshing ideas and projects, a place to grow and expand your craft.

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This floor is unlike any other floor at the Mill. Features include glass walls, perfect for patrons to watch you at work, which also ties into the center’s idea of accessibility and educational support ; PowerBus strips along the ceiling space giving you ample amount to space to plug in; concrete floors for easy clean up and stability; a loading dock; and much more. Additionally, Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment is located within a HUBzone.

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Come join the nation’s largest privately owned arts facility as we continue to grow. Find your place among a diverse mix of artists, makers, and small businesses. Take a tour, apply for space, and learn more by contacting Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment Executive Director Marcia Freeland:

You can also APPLY ONLINE. Just download our application, fill it out, and email it to our executive director.

See you at the Mill!

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