3DSelfies is a photographer of people and pets. With a lab partner, we produce an end product of 3D image figurines from picture captures to sell to customers. Our product is unique, and we are one of the few photographers in the Southeastern United States capable of producing the figurines. In the Unites States, the current concentration of similar studios is in New York City and California.

We use a portable picture booth to capture the images. It is made up of eighteen poles each containing from four to six cameras and imaging projectors. When a capture is taken, over 100 individual photos are taken simultaneously. The software puts the images together to produce a gif file of the person or pet photographed and can be downloaded to share with friends or posted on social media.

If a customer chooses to have a 3D print produced, they can then select the options they desire online and place the order. Prints can be produced in sizes raging from 3 and 14 inches in height. In addition to a full body print, we can produce half body prints or busts. Another option is to have a crystal made of the image. A crystal contains a holographic image of the person encased in clear resin material.

In addition to having a physical print produced, we do offer customer an option to buy the files produced so they can take their 3D image and create their own avatar. We feel like that as more people are into gaming and virtual reality that this will be a unique niche we offer.