The impetus to create started as a response to my desire to feel the materials in my bare hands and to apply them to a surface. I love to create layered pieces filled with raw texture, shady tones, and airy, smooth lines. I let chance dictate my process, and the work grows as I react to the formation of shapes and negative spaces. I start each piece by staining the birch wood and applying gesso in a non-traditional manner while utilizing various tools to expressly scrape away areas of the panel. Next, I build up several layers with a plethora of materials including tissue paper, transfer paper, gouache, acrylic, gold leaf, and a graphite stick. Then, I deconstruct the piece by sanding and/or scraping away the areas. When I feel a balance develop on the panel, I begin to contemplate how the figure fits into the space, and I hand-draw a soft, airy, and realistic portrait or figure.