adam-7Adam Landingham is a painter and draftsman who seeks a balance between the image and the technique. His abstract work focuses on a painterly approach, showing careful attention to the physical qualities of paint and graphite. Recently he has returned to recognizable subject matter, applying the techniques he has honed to personal imagery of vultures, nests, and distorted human figures. His surreal portraits remind one of their reflections in a funhouse mirror, offering a new way of looking at familiar forms. Adam is also an art instructor with a degree in art education. The classes he teaches here at Lowe Mill teach elementary and middle schoolers the foundations of drawing and painting.

Experience his work, or inquire about classes in second floor Studio 202 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

In my artwork I am primarily concerned with composition and mark-making. I like to use images within which I can explore the mark-making possibilities of different media. Lately I have been using oil paint, but I also enjoy using graphite, charcoal, and even screen-printing because they each have their own unique characteristics. I tend to work with abstracted or simplified imagery in order to create my own iconography within which I can play with different marks or effects.

Email Phone (256) 617-0042