I have been painting forever – or that’s what most people say when asked about their art – but I didn’t get serious about it until my senior year of high school and have been wanting to keep working and learning and honing since. My work reflects an inner battle with anxiety, portraying images of the little moments in life that calm me. While I wish to make art a profession one day, I am currently a student and kid, learning everything I can and working with the trials and errors.

I mostly enjoy painting landscapes, ocean waves, clouds, and spacey subjects. The occasional abstract image makes its way into my portfolio, as well as abstract-esque images such as the “A Steamboat Named Desire” painting, which features a distinguishable subject that was created with only a pallet knife and finger painting. When it comes to commissions, I have created barn landscapes, animals, and pet portraits, as well as the subjects I mostly work with for myself.

I think a unique feature to my work are the variety of techniques and tools I utilize to create both abstract ad realistic images, such as finger painting, pallet knives, kitchen spatulas, etc. I am always on the hunt for something wacky and new to try. “Howl” and “Rainy Window in Purple” are part of an ongoing series to capture that moment of reflection found in watching rain drops race down a window. This has been a strong source of inspiration to me throughout my career. Another subject that has gone from childhood love to apparent infatuation have been crazy beautiful and complex ocean waves, which allow me to get better lighting and understanding of color values in the natural world.