Few artists today paint with the soft, glowing warmth of the old masters, which is why we are so lucky at Lowe Mill A&E to have painter Ann Moeller Steverson. Ann creates rich and dramatic canvases with timeless imagery that evokes an unnameable era that we all somehow seem to remember. Her brush strokes are bold and definitive, but never are they harsh. Instead what Ann gives us are lush, impressionistic scenes so welcoming that you just might forget where you are as you look on.

A true professional, Ann has degrees in both fine arts and art education. She regularly teaches her introductory and advanced techniques in her studio, 2028 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

My work shows reality viewed through a lens slightly clouded with fantasy and corresponds to my romantic view of the world. I like the idea of being a part of the long history of realistic oil painters, and I enjoy painting a wide variety of traditional subject matters including the figure, landscapes, and still life. When I paint the figure, I am interested in exploring emotional connections, relationships, sensuality, and mood. My landscapes and still lifes often reflect my study of light and dark. I am intrigued with the art of painting softly. Much of my work has an atmospheric effect and very soft edges.

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