Aynslee MoonLike any great painter, Moonline Studio creator Aynslee Moon Smithee usually prefers to tell her stories with color. Subjects as immediate as the human figure or as ambiguous as layers of oddly-shaped scrap paper each supply their own unique narratives using the inimitable mechanics of hue. A pose in pointe shoes is portrayed in warm, nostalgic peach on top of authoritative bronze to instantly invoke some perfect, romanticized life. A self-portrait contrasts a murky turquoise expanse enshrining a gold-draped figure to create a world that is equally gloomy and serene. All of these works exploit the curious truth that somehow the right painting, using the right colors, can uncork forms of emotion in a viewer that cannot be articulated elsewhere.

In addition to her studio work, Aynslee teaches University-level drawing and painting as well as private lessons. You can find her working in paint, pencil, and even wax in her easeful third floor studio, 322 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

I am drawn to the lyricism of the colors and forms that make up our human experiences. I see these colors and forms as carriers for an abundance of sensations and emotions. These carriers interact with one another, approaching one another, following one another, traveling across the surface of the wall or canvas, but always coming together as wholly poetic images. I journey through these ideas by working in a range of materials, including oil on canvas, watercolor, colored pencil, and charcoal on cut paper. As I work I allow the images to grow organically; each element connects to the next in a way that is fluid and gentle. My work is influenced by relationships found between colors, emotions, musical sound, gestures of the human body, and how those elements become interlaced in my memories, dreams, and experiences. My work is also influenced by the lyric poetry of Luci Shaw. When I read her poems every word feels alive, pulsing with a particular richness. My goal is for my paintings to reach a similar state of evocation, to hover in the senses of the viewer, staying with them even after they walk away.
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