rebeccabynumOne of Rebekah Bynum’s first commissions was a portrait for her professor at the University of Montevallo, where she studied painting and graphic design. When your art instructor wants to pay you to create, you know you’re on the right path. She has also realized a talent for teaching, which she discovered after founding a successful acrylic painting studio that has since grown into a franchised business.

As a painter, Rebekah seems to have no limitations. Her landscapes perfectly capture the quiet beauty of an Alabama forest, her still lifes reveal a keen eye and a deft hand, and her murals are (quite literally) larger than life. Though she can paint nearly anything, Rebekah enjoys painting people the most. She doesn’t paint the stuffy portraits you might find in a courthouse or on a banknote – she prefers painting real people. Honest people. Quirky people. Her portraits are full of energy and emotion, capturing not just her subject’s face, but their personality as well.

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