The idea of a hair salon at Lowe Mill A&E was always a good and obvious fit for a venue specifically dedicated to creative personal expression, but little could we have expected to ever find a stylist so perfectly suited for our community as Bobbie Leigh Payne. In her one-chair salon on the North Floor Second of Lowe Mill A&E, Bobbie brings a unique skill-set that one simply cannot find any where else in our area. More than a mere commercial stylist, Bobbie has years of experience designing and applying the looks of professional models and actors for dozens of films, television programs, fashion spreads, and advertisements. From the schlockiest low-budget slasher flick, to the biggest summer box office smash, Bobbie has been behind the scenes lending her stylistic vision to contemporary media of every kind.

There are plenty of places you can get a good haircut, but in Huntsville there is only one place you can get your hair styled by an artist who created wigs for ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’, who is an expert in creating gnarly prosthetic gore effects, and whose models have graced multiple page spreads of some of the biggest fashion magazines in print.

Email Phone (256) 580-6257