Carol RodenCarol Roden is an artist who works with fused and slumped glass. A marine biologist by trade, Carol spent her childhood studying marine wildlife. She even skipped elementary school to study the animal life living in the rivers and bays of her native Florida. Her parents and teachers couldn’t be too upset with her however, as the detailed notes she kept showed her attentiveness and willingness to learn. Now an adult, Carol has never lost her careful eye and desire to continue learning and expanding. She has not only learned how to create beautiful glass objects, but has found inspiration for her work in the Southern culture she was raised in. From melted mason jars to patterns inspired by the traditional quilts of Southern matriarchs, Carol continues to find interesting ways to incorporate her observations of the world with her artwork.

Stop by and see Carol’s gorgeous glass creations in her studio on Lowe Mill’s North Wing, Studio 2038.

My love affair with glass began many years ago inside my Grandmother’s cookie tin full of marbles and continues going strong! Working with fused and slumped glass allows me to indulge my creative side working with the beautiful colors of such a unique medium and to satisfy my analytical side experimenting with the technical aspects of creating with glass. I’m constantly fascinated by the artistic opportunities produced with the intentional application of heat and time to an arrangement of glass. The slow and controllable transformation of solid glass to a liquid of varying viscosity opens unlimited possibilities for the manipulation and design of fused glass.
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