Carrie Alderfer’s stunning work combines the careful detail of realism with the vivid colors and intuitive mark making of Expressionism. She works in both acrylic and colored pencil to create images of animals, botanicals, and rusted machinery in its slow fight against time and nature.

Carrie began her journey as an artist when she was a child, and her canvases were the walls of her room. When her mother discovered her art, she decided to draw on the windowsills behind the curtains instead. Now, she offers art classes for both children and adults (don’t worry, she won’t teach your kids to draw on the walls).

You can find original canvas works, giclee prints, and a range of gift items in her studio, including pendants, cards, and ornaments. Carrie is also a graphic designer, creating billboards, logos, brochures, and websites. If you’re looking for classes, branding, or some gorgeous art for the walls at home, check out Carrie Alderfer in ChromAddict Studio, 2038 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

For me, it’s all about color. Color is complicated and emotional. It allows me to bring meaning to a piece in a very subjective way, and draw attention to details and nuances that we miss in our busy, hectic lives. Nature, and nature’s ability to overcome, inspires me. My joy comes from people interacting with my work and then seeing something they’ve never noticed before, such as how light reflects off fur or how beautiful rust can be. We live in an amazing world, and I share subjects of happenstance and fleeting moments captured by good fortune.
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Carrie’s Classes and Events

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