I have always wanted to learn the art of chain maille weaves. Growing up, I had this fascination with medieval history and wanted to know more about chain maille and each weave Then I started to learn about more weaves and even more weaves and it buzzed that creative nook inside of my brain. I just wanted to learn how to make all of them and to incorporate a sweet elegance into timeless jewelry pieces. I love adding different ideas and other techniques to the jewelry I make. The acid etched pieces are the newest techniques I have learned and added to my jewelry. To me, it makes the chain maille pop out more to eye and its more of a compliment than a focal point on my pieces. I want my pieces to be special and elegant to the wearer. I want the eye to feel that it’s not just a form of armor protection or hard to the eye but something that is soft, simple and classic. I want to show the softer side of chain maille and how it can be made into beautiful pieces that can be handed down to generations to come. It’s a wonderful feeling creating pieces out of metal for me. I like to be able to not design a piece for a specific nature but to let it come alive from just playing and tinkering with the metal.

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