“My art and music are outlets to let people in on a deeper world within me. I write the music I want to hear, and I draw and paint the pictures of a world I want to see, often associated with feelings of another world I belong in. Much of my art is inspired by the fascination of seeing the world through a childlike perspective, and a tale of the adventures I want to experience.

With my most recent series, Evolution of a Dream, inspired by dreams I’ve had the past several years, I follow a progression that parallels my own experiences, tracking the journey of finding healing from the past, as well as a deeper discovery of who I am and a renewed sense of innocence. The series centers around rockets as a symbol of one’s dream and purpose, and the trees that grow through these rockets are the unresolved issues in one’s life that have the potential to halt progress. Thinking back to the way I thought as a child, I started at a place of detriment, and from there I explored the possibilities of what could be made from those ruined rockets, resulting in dreamlike cities where people could live. The latter part of the series explores the theme of finding dreams and potential that is buried within, and left completely in tact, waiting to be discovered.

My hope is for people to see my work, and feel hope in their situations, as well as a deeper understanding of who they are.”