Chuck MathewsOne look at the work of painter Chuck Mathews and there is no possible doubt that this is a man who loves the process of creation. The brash, fat strokes of color stacked high with an authoritative hand are clear artifacts of an artist who has no fear of making “mistakes”. Mathews attacks his canvases like a drummer pounding on his instrument. He scratches through dried paint with sharpened sticks, globs on thick, crude smears of medium in some areas while alternately whipping his brush with swift finesse in others to create graceful, delicate lines. It all results in a storm of hues and tones where chaos interplays with order in a holding pattern that one could spend hours attempting to decode. Representational content is exploded into abstraction, and seemingly scattershot blotches of paint begin to resemble real-life imagery. Whether he is gessoing his next giant canvas, drip-painting every inch of his studio walls, or stenciling cryptic proclamations in blindingly-vibrant spray paint, it’s guaranteed that Chuck Mathews will always employ an audacious approach. Come experience this energy for yourself by visiting Chuck in Studio¬†302 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.
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