Cindy Miller 2Cindy Miller enjoys getting in the minds of ancient people, imagining the first human to find a shell and tie it around their neck. This was the birth of jewelry making – a distinctly human activity that has been with us before civilization. When searching for a new design, she looks back to the Egyptians, the Etruscans, and her own Native American heritage. Her fascination with human culture is extends well beyond her degree in anthropology, back to her childhood obsession with pharaohs and arrowhead making. She’s not content to simply emulate the look of ancient jewelry – her scarab rings are constructed with the same methods used in the Old Kingdom.

Cindy also draws inspiration from nature, which she was surrounded by while living in a Colorado cabin. It was during this time that she learned silver-smithing. She soon moved from hammering silver wire to a new material called metal clay, which is created by mixing pulverized metal with water and an organic binder. When it’s fired in a kiln, the water and binder burn out, leaving only the silver or bronze behind. This technique allows here to create jewelry with the exquisite detail that her hand-crafted designs demand.

Check out Cindy’s work for yourself at┬áStudio 326 of Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

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