wagnerCynthia Wagner is a painter, photographer, and mixed media artist whose work explores the world of the forgotten. Growing up, Cynthia recalls her mother’s obsession with chronicling family history and collecting photographs of ancestors. She didn’t share her mother’s interest, preferring instead to focus on those who are still with us, yet her current work strikes a balance between these two interests. She is not content to simply memorialize the dead, allowing them to become nameless faces in a shoebox. So she chooses to breathe new life into old photographs, mixing images of people lost to history with new material and digital distortion, and inviting us to reconsider the lives and likenesses of people who were once only memories. Her work is haunting, and it calls into question our own mortality and desire to be remembered. Her studio also features images of colorful insects, overlooked because of their size rather than time, and magnified so that we can appreciate the beauty that is so often overlooked.

Cynthia’s artwork is often large, textured, or illuminated by ghostly light, so you HAVE to see it in person. So drop by her North Floor studio, 2053 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, and see it for yourself.

I’m very interested in exploring the connections between the past and present as well expressing the complex spiritual/supernatural nature of humanity in combination with mortality and time. My work investigates these connections in my mixed media work based on historical photographic materials.

My current work reflects my longstanding interest in photography and is a synthesis of images captured by photography means and other mixed media. In addition to standard photographic reproduction of digital art works I create other pieces using paint and digital images printed using archival digital print making media combined with encaustic medium, fabric, and electric light.

I consider myself a visual narrator telling stories through several artistic mediums including photography, digital image making, mixed media, and painting.


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