Cre8tive SistasThere’s no stopping the ladies of Cre8tive Sistas from brightening our world. With a splash of neon or pastel paint and a healthy crust of costume jewels/sequins/beads/gears/ and glitter, these three women transform anything they can get their hands on into the most whimsical version of itself possible. At first glance one might think that Jana, Kathy, and Valerie are only interested in all things cute, but to believe that you would have to look past the freaky steel-studded skulls, the far out Barbie-headed creatures, and the meticulous clockwork of their steampunk jewelry.

Cre8tive Sistas Studio is a whirlwind of curious and colorful assemblages. Come get all mixed up in it at Studio 262!

Hi Everyone- Welcome to our Studio!!
Our Studio is a collaboration of three creative sisters joining artisitic ideas into one really neat Studio!

*Kathy Ross- Steampunk Creations (256) 534-3491
*Jana Ross-Key’psake Treasures (256) 881-3760
*Valerie Furst-Not Your Mama’s Purse &More (228)-861-8416

Kathy makes really cool Steampunk Jewelry. Jana makes jewelry with keys. Valerie makes the fun and funky purses ! We also have Mosaics-Magnets & More and upon occasion hand painted furniture.

You never know what you’ll find in our Studio!! Come see us-we would love to meet you!!!!!


Email Facebook Phone (256) 881-3760