Before rambling on about myself and what I am doing at Lowe Mill A&E, I thought it only fitting to simply say “Hi,” and thank you for visiting my artist page featuring what I am up to creatively. The core of my vision, passion, and creative content is rooted in what I call the Art of Consideration. Years ago I learned that as an artist I am not only responsible for the aesthetic quality of the content that I create, but I am also responsible for the impact it has on those who connect with my work. My desire as an artist is to evoke a life-giving creative dialogue with those who interact with my art. I simply take all of the keen elements from the world that I observe and put them onto canvas or into song.

My children provide a strong example of how I work as an artist. On any given day one of my kids will storm into the house shouting “Daddy look what I found in the yard!”, and with much excitement my child will open his hand and reveal to me an acorn or a feather. There is a natural thrill in discovering new sights, textures, and colors. So what I am doing as an artist at Lowe Mill A&E is presenting to you the things that fascinate me on a canvas. I hope to see you soon at my studio 2052 on the second floor of the north building.