Denise Williams-3There’s no doubt that Denise Williams likes cats. One peek into her studio and you will find a few dozen feline eyes staring right back at you from canvases full of intense color. Whether she’s painting warm, realistic cats, silly cartoonish cats, or spooky cats from deeper realms, the furry (and sometimes bald) characters in Denise’s paintings always contain that enigmatic feline quality of a creature not just looking at you, but through you. While cats may be a muse for the artist, Denise Williams’ fuller body of work ranges from floral still lifes, to landscapes, and to non-objective works. As varied as her subjects are, all of Denise’s paintings emphasize her singular use of brilliant color. You can find Denise working on her next great painting in studio 125 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. Come see her work in person right meow!