Eleonora Stein-10

Eleonora Stein got her first camera from her father, an amateur photographer, when she was 14. Since then Eleonora has been across the United States and the world with her family and never without her camera. Her photos are snapshots of Cambodia, Morocco, Miami, or New York City. She has found that the camera creates a conversation with the people she meets, allowing her to get to know the stories behind the people in her photos.

Eleonora is passionate about film photography and feels at home in a darkroom. The process of loading the camera, measuring the light, and making prints feels much more personal to her. She compares it to the satisfaction you get when you sit down to eat a meal you’ve prepared from scratch. Her photos are usually black and white, the striking contrast heightening the drama of the scene. She also creates collages from magazine advertisements- surreal and colorful works with wide-open imagination.

In addition to her personal work, Eleonora also teaches classes, and has her degree in art education. Her classes cover a range of media, including drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, and sculpture. Instruction is offered through after-school classes, birthday parties, summer camps, workshops, and regular weekly classes.

You can check out the classroom as well as see Eleonora’s stunning photographs at ARTIS Studio 312 on Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment’s third floor.

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