Emily Bodnar is Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment’s secret weapon. An unpredictable artist with a studio that the not-too-observant might pass by without recognizing the wizardry within, Emily is perpetually experimenting in every conceivable medium. Be it creating electronic noisemakers or kinetic mechanical doodads; thick, syrupy paintings or delicate, intricately cut paper art; fuzzy, Henson-stitched puppets or tiny LED-illuminated worlds – anything this artist makes is guaranteed to be as lovely as it is unexpected. She’s also a bad-a** theramin player to boot, bringing her weird tones to life in dozens of musical events throughout Lowe Mill A&E and Flying Monkey Arts history.

Everyone should visit Emily’s studio. It’s the closest thing we have to a magic shop! Go see what she’s working on now in Studio¬†254 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

At this point in my life the biggest influence on my art is being a mom. The necessity of having to look at the world from a child’s perspective has allowed me to see many aspects of life in a different way: sometimes silly, sometimes magical, and sometimes disturbing, but always sincere. Sharing the enjoyment of art and the delight of art-making with my children has caused my work to take a sharp turn towards the non-traditional. I’ve learned to embrace and experiment with unusual mediums and materials. In addition, some of my recent work is multi-sensory, interactive, and just plain fun to play with.