I am an Earth medicine woman, reiki master, and artist. I make healing drums and teach drum making in traditional Native American sacred ways. I am an environmental artist, teach art and science educational programs, and leading community mural projects for the SeaVibe Foundation. I use my studio to make fine art and healing drums, to see clients for healing sessions and paint their energy imprint on canvas, and to engage in environmental activism through collaborative art projects.

By looking deeper into the natural world around me, I can use paintings, digital images, mixed media, and sculptures to convey my magical experiences; such as seeing angelic clouds of light, rainbow fairies, or the pulsating color that moved sound across a river. My current exhibition focuses on our spiritual connection to and my concerns for the health of Earth’s water.

My sculptures and mixed media turn the negative into a positive through awareness and activism. All the found objects have come from volunteer waterway clean ups, trash yards, or giveaways. It is my intention to motivate personal accountability for our environmental footprint and inspire appreciation for the beauty and magic that is in and all around our waterways from the small streams to the vast oceans. My goal is to invoke a meditative, peaceful state or feeling, while encouraging contemplation on our spiritual connection to water and the world around us.

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