Lightning and Lace was born from my desire to bring new technology and traditional crafting together to create high quality costume pieces. My current focus is laser-cutting, where the variety of materials lets me create very complex designs in a very controlled way. I mainly cut, etch, stack, and bond acrylic together to create jewelry, accessories, or small props. With such fun, versatile materials, I am able to create an incredible amount of designs, and also meet the needs of cosplayers in a cost and time effective way. 

My background is in Industrial Design which I studied at Auburn University. I am constantly learning about new tools and techniques beyond just sewing and sculpting and making their knowledge and use accessible to every-day people who love to cosplay. Though I laser-cut most often, my primary skill is sewing textiles. I sew full-costumes for myself for fun and for competition. I would love to learn more about in-depth pattern making in the future. I’m located in Studio 129 and welcome other artists willing to collaborate or visit!