Erica Parker-13

A wise woman once said to me that “the best jobs haven’t had their descriptions written yet.” She was so right.

At the beginning of 2015 I launched into a full-time, creative entrepreneurship, but the journey began long before. The hard work to carve out a creative career for myself began when I was 12. I worked steadily for four years to build a competitive painting portfolio, which would open the door to attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I would graduate with a BFA in Fibers in 2010.

Fifteen years of consistent, creative habits have developed into into an opportunity to work for myself designing and fabricating custom, high-end, handwoven babywraps. Envisioning the future of my work and planning for 2016 has led me to launch Re-Form Studio, a lifestyle brand which produces custom, hand-made articles varying from babywraps to wearables and emphasizes the importance of continuing and re-imagining historic textile traditions.

It is my desire to use studio pace at Lowe Mill A&E as a brick-and-mortar platform to accomplish my goals for Re-Form Studio which include: working publicly to bring awareness to small-scale textile productions; interest and educate new, potential customers; and teach classes across a variety of textile and artistic disciplines.