My art is inspired by science. I’m trained as both a printmaker and a scientist, and I’ve always found the most satisfaction when I’m trying to combine those two fields. There’s often a divide between people who consider themselves artists and those who consider themselves scientists or engineers. With my work, I hope to showcase what’s beautiful and inspiring about science to art lovers, and vice versa. I draw my ideas from many fields of science and engineering – cosmology, biology, chemistry, math, and beyond. Every project is a chance to learn something new about the world.

Besides my science inspired designs, I often work with clients on custom projects. My favorite things to do are wedding invitations – my challenge is to tell a love story in a few pieces of paper. With every invitation suite, it’s a chance to try out a new material or process. Stationery is also an opportunity to get a beautiful, hand-crafted, and unexpected (if ephemeral) piece of art into someone’s hands via a mailbox. It’s something that brightens a day and celebrates life.