Erin MichaelHave you ever run your fingers through chainmaille? It’s a sensory contradiction: Hard metal that feels like smooth, soft cloth. It’s so soft it almost feels like liquid. The jewelry of Erin Michael is full of these kinds of contradictions. She creates work that finds beauty in unexpected mediums and objects. A haunting prosthetic glass eye peers out from a necklace medallion, and colored chainmaille rings are hooked together to form stunning “paintings” and recreations of classic artworks. You can find Erin’s playfulness and sense of humor in all of her work, but what stands out most when looking at her hand-crafted chainmaille works is the incredible patience she exercises in her creation process. Erin gingerly opens each ring, inserts it through the correct corresponding rings, closes the ring, and repeats thousands of times. Not only does she do this with dozens of different complex chain patterns, she does it in full color!

You are due for a new experience and a new take on art. Come be fascinated by Erin Michael’s unique skill at her studio, 128 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

I’m a chick who likes to make stuff, so I started Erin to show and share my stuff. If you like something and think “Hey, I’m gonna buy this,” you should know you’re only encouraging me, and your hard-earned dollars will ultimately be invested in more tools and supplies and shiny things. It’s an endless cycle, but it keeps me off the street. I started with chainmaille, but I have an unbridled curiosity and short attention span, so tomorrow I could be adding monkey biscuits to the mix. Who knows… That’s the mysterious, fun, creamy nougat that life’s about.

After making chainmaille for about 4 years, I realized an anagram of my name is CHAINMEILER.
A little freaky, no?

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