eva-15When you think of jewelry, do you think of dinosaur bones and fossils? Eva Ziegler does. Eva grew up in Pennsylvania and dreamt of becoming an archaeologist. She describes herself as a “natural treasure hunter,” and recalls searching the fields and trails near her home for arrowheads and other artifacts. In the end she chose art over archaeology, and earned degree in art education. Instead of entering the museum world, her studio has become a museum in itself – of both art and natural history. Her beautiful jewelry is made out of some unusual materials, including fossils of plants and ammonites that are millions of years old. Eva works with naturally-occurring, naturally-colored gems and minerals, and is invested in the history and origin of her materials. Her historical focus also shows up in her designs, inspired by the rediscovered artwork of cultures like the Celts and Mayans.

Check out Eva’s jewelry, as well as her hand-felted embroidery and refinished furniture, in her first floor studio, 101 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

In 2004, I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Art Education, Museums and Cultural Institutions. In 2005, I began working at Caleb Meyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I became the in-house pearl and bead stringer. There, I was given the opportunity to learn about precious gems, pearls and skilled craftsmanship. In 2006, I received my Pearl Stringing certificate from the reputable Gemological Institute of America. I found the centuries-old craft of pearl stringing so appealing that I went on to receive a GIA Pearls Course certificate, in 2008. Since then, I began selling my own creations that consist of naturally colored precious beads and pearls.
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