Artist and graphic designer Everett Carter is the kind of man any community would be proud to have as a member. Focusing on themes of faith, country, and family, this Vietnam War veteran spends peaceful days at his third floor studio at Lowe Mill A&E creating custom commissions and original artworks of every imaginable subject. And only in The Vivid Studio will you see an artist who still employees the classic craft of hand-drafted graphic design work. No computers here!

Perhaps Everett’s most beautiful creation in his time at Lowe Mill A&E has been the Tennessee Valley Art Teachers Contest, a show conceived and organized by Carter that awards thousands in prizes to the people he values the most – art educators! He’s a talented artist and a good man, and Lowe Mill A&E couldn’t be more happy to have Everett Carter calling our community home.

I was born here in Huntsville, AL during the year of 1946. I have watched this city as well as the people of this city grow in many good ways. People that just pass through Huntsville miss much of the richness we have to offer here. The art connections that we have here are so powerful in so many ways. Lowe Mill has provided a great outlet for local artists to show and tell all about the work they do. I enjoy creating all types of art. I also enjoy being around others that are working in the same craft that I am. It seems we feed off of each others talents, and it is a great thing because it gives us all a little more room to grow, as well as become better at what we all love to do. We all express ourselves in many ways, as for me I will always be an open book. You will be able to read me from front to back loud and clear. – Everett L. Carter, Sr.Vietnam Veteran 1968-69

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