heather-baumbach_4567There is beauty, form, symmetry, and asymmetry all around us. I am deeply affected by the ordinary, everyday parts of my life. The challenge of capturing my grandmother’s rolling pin is calling to me from the other side of the kitchen. My husband and my children are fascinated by their connection with life. I want to lock those memories in my mind. I want to remember those images so I can treasure the moments that make life so beautiful. So I paint them. I paint the flowers, the birds, the lollipops and insects. The dishes, pets, and beach and sea life— all are wondrous things to those so influential to me.  How could I not paint them?

I am a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Costume Design. While I work primarily in acrylic and chalk pastel, I enjoy dabbling in watercolor, ink, and in any other medium I can get my hands on.  In addition to art shows in Alabama, I have participated in juried festivals in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Kentucky.  I also have over 20 years of design and production experience in stage, television, and film with credits including: The Theater Outlet, The Santa Fe Opera, The Los Angeles Opera, The Cherry Lane Theatre, Renaissance Theatre, Center Theatre Group, and Comedy Central.