Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment
Ian McCalister is a photographer and graphic artist who specializes in not specializing. He photographs everything from nature to events, from giant landscapes to the tiniest hairs on an insect. No matter what the subject matter, Ian captures it with precision and trained attention to technical quality. His studio at Lowe Mill is a creative base where Ian creates and edits incredible images, the best of which he sends to his giant inkjet printer that produces gallery-quality prints up to four feet wide. Don’t miss Ian McCalister if you are looking for beautiful art prints, or if you need photography, 3D modeling, video editing, or printing services! He’s uniquely multi-talented and he’s in Studio¬†310 at Lowe Mill!

“My journey as an artist is mostly an attempt to harness the beauty of precision. I seek to not only share a creative vision with the world – but also improve my own technical understanding of the media. I find the combination of imagination and discipline to be most entertaining.”

Email Phone (256) 468-0426