Jane Philips-18A graduate with a BFA in painting from Maryland Institute College, Jane Philips puts her degree to good use, creating large, expressive mixed media paintings and drawings using a mixture of conventional and unconventional materials. After graduating she secured jobs as an artist assistant and counselor at the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation in Colorado Springs, CO and the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN. Now she has her own studio at Lowe Mill A&E where you can visit her while she continues to expand on conventional painting techniques.

I have spent the last few years exploring two realms of work. The first: my love of the human figure, the technical labor and proficiency in producing it and the subtlety of painterly creation. The second: vast and visceral abstract grounds I produce through an energetic and spontaneous process. I have married these realms by turning the abstractions into environments in which my figures exist and explore. The materials used are a combination of tradition and innovation. Oil paint is used to create the figures. Charcoal, instant coffee, ink, gesso, string, polyurethane, gold leaf, paint and shellac are used to create the rich, dark backgrounds.

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