Because I keep each batch small and tend every one personally, I can ensure the strict distilling of my unique recipe, that results in a whiskey that is superior in smoothness, flavor, and drinkability. I believe my one of a kind approach creates a damn fine whiskey. Irons ONE is not for those that think whiskey that burns is the way you should drink it. Irons ONE is the single-hand crafted whiskey for people that like to taste and savor a rich, smooth flavor, and drink it neat with a little water, or on ice, without mixers.

I purposely spend my time perfecting my craft of “cutting the spirits” – knowing when the heads stop, the hearts begin and then stopping when just the right amount of tails have been added. That is based on personal taste – and then aging is another factor.  How long do you keep your spirits in the barrel to get the exact perfect taste?

I am old school. I do my business based on principles. A handshake gets it done for me, my word is my bond. I am a man of my word. I do not compromise my standards. This truly is a whiskey from hand to yours.

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