As a glass artist for almost 40 years, I have had the opportunity to venture into virtually every phase of the art glass profession. I have worked with blown, fused, beveled, etched, and carved glass, but my favorite is stained glass. I am fascinated with the challenge of using flat glass to create three-dimensional works of art and transforming color and light into my vision. My interest in glass began as a child staring at the beautiful stained glass windows in our church. I still love those traditional stained glass windows, however I want to continue to explore and develop new concepts within the medium. The opportunity of being in a location such as Lowe Mill A&E and the chance to collaborate with artists of different interests will allow me to push my techniques to the next level.— Laura Lopez

When I design a stained glass window, I try to make it as clean as possible. That means having to make more difficult cuts in the glass instead of having break lines, which I believe take away from the design. Also paramount in my designs is how structurally sound they are. We try to incorporate unique glass and techniques, not just for fluff, but to enhance the piece. As for my fused glass work, I try to design and execute something special, such as my drip platters. I have spent countless hours testing different tools to achieve a certain result and I think my finished works reflect this.— Jerry Lopez

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