Jodi Nuttall PerspectivesSharing a beautiful third floor studio with her husband, David, Jodi Nuttall creates soothing still-lifes, landscapes, and portraits in lifelike color. She has long worked in paint and in recent years adopted chalk pastel as a favorite medium – a real treat for the viewer. Whether rendering the form of a pear or creating a mountain-capped horizon, Jodi’s soft and clean style makes every subject inviting. Her walls are covered in framed artworks that are waiting to capture your eye. Come pay Jodi and her paintings a visit in Studio 308 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment!

I have been pursuing art full time since September 2001. Most of my work has been painted since then for classes I’ve taken or in my studio at home. Exceptions include The Porch which was painted over many years while I was working a full-time job and the Beach Scene, which was my first oil in 1979 at UAH. My mediums are oils and pastels with current focus on pastels. The less realistic paintings are the result of a couple of classes at UAH where I was encouraged to “get out of my box”. I have learned to appreciate these paintings and the freedom of the style. It’s amazing how hard I had to try to be free. And I’m still practicing.

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