Johanna Littleton

The joys, struggles, adventures, and camaraderie I shared with people that I met when living in Asia, Middle East and the states are what I choose to illustrate in many of my paintings in the family series. When someone walks up to a painting and says “This is me” or “I know who these people are,” I feel like I have successfully portrayed a human value or feeling that links humanity across cultural divisions.

I work primarily in acrylic because of it’s longevity. I do outside art shows and a fairs, as well as, Lowe Mill A&E so I needed a medium that would stand up to the weather but also let me have fun. Acrylic is it!

Lately, I have been experimenting with paint on metal which has added a new level to my work. It is great for my abstracts, as well as, the “Magic Garden” series. I try to be in my studio on Wednesday and Friday, but am willing to come any time. Feel free to call.

Email Phone (256) 566-0184