Johanna LittletonPainter Johanna Littleton considers her career in art an answer to prayer. It all started when her sons bought their 35-year-old engineer mother a paint kit. She started out being shy about her work, but when people started asking her to teach them to paint she knew she had something, and she has been teaching and selling art ever since. Primarily working with acrylics, Johanna creates splendid, colorful abstractions that display the liquid qualities of paint in a way few artists are brave enough to explore. Several of her paintings feature human figures inspired by the times she spent living in Asia and the Middle East, and the incredible florals shown in her “Magic Garden” series are made using a special paint-on-metal technique she created through experimentation. Johanna is as friendly and conversational as she is talented, so let her share her story and her work with you next time you visit Studio 2040 at Lowe Mill A&E!

The joys, struggles, adventures, and camaraderie I shared with people that I met when living in Asia, Middle East and the states are what I choose to illustrate in many of my paintings in the family series. When someone walks up to a painting and says “This is me” or “I know who these people are”, I feel like I have successfully portrayed a human value or feeling that links humanity across cultural divisions.
I work primarily in acrylic because of it’s longevity. I do outside art shows and a fairs, as well as, Lowe Mill A&E so I needed a medium that would stand up to the weather but also let me have fun. Acrylic is it!
Lately, I have been experimenting with paint on metal which has added a new level to my work. It is great for my abstracts, as well as, the “Magic Garden” series. I try to be in my studio on Wednesday and Friday, but am willing to come any time. Feel free to call.

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