Julie Gill
In the business of stained glass, few people work as hard or with as much passion as Lowe Mill artist Julie Gill. From her beautiful railroad car studio on the southern edge of the Lowe Mill property, Julie designs, cuts, assembles, delivers and installs custom doors, windows, and installations to happy clients all across the Tennessee Valley. Gill’s love for both rigid pattern and freewheeling illustration shine through in the wide array of works one may see throughout her gallery and workshop. Sharp diamonds of perfectly interlocked mirrors are right at home next to free-flowing renderings of plant life built from swirling organic glass, existing in harmony simply for the equal level of workmanship the artist has put into every piece.

Julie’s studio has something for everyone, whether you seek large framed panes to adorn home windows, custom installations, or small take-home gifts. Don’t just take our word for it though! Come see for yourself by visiting Studio 201 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

I can remember as a kid, I always tried to sit at the end of the pew at church. That way, I could play in the colored light the stained glass windows provided. I’d stretch my leg out in the aisle to make the color dance across my skin. I rolled my fingers in waves letting the warm red light change their form. I was amazed by the warmth and richness of the light. Of course, I had no idea stained glass would become my language of expression, but I knew I wanted to drown myself in it. And so now, all these years later, I am on a journey to explore and share the beauty and light of stained glass.

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Julie’s Classes and Events

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