After different creative attempts using a variety of media, I found myself consistently using acrylic and oil pigments. I believe my style can be considered contemporary art. I use acrylic paint to build up my images and then I apply oil to bring out some vibrant details to help make it “pop”. I like using large gallery style canvas. I use many styles and sizes of paint brushes and sometimes I move the paint with the tips of my fingers. The pieces I chose to use in my application are prime examples of this technique.
When I walk through the Mill, I visualize a studio where my work would be seen. I would see myself creating paintings while visitors would be walking around and absorbing the environment. I also see myself as an approachable member of the art community where I can help other artists or ask for help to better ourselves as artists. I believe we all can learn something from each other. I would love to engage with people about my work and explain what drove me to create a painting and describe my technique to complete the final product.