kanthi-2Kanthi Whitten specializes in oil and acrylic paintings that combine figurative realism with abstract elements. She incorporates contemporary themes of the female form with vibrant jewel-toned color and typically works from photographs she has taken herself. Her paintings have strong sensual and dreamlike qualities and she continues to get her inspiration from photography, fashion, nature, and the astounding beauty in our world. Kanthi is also available for commissioned paintings and pencil/pastel drawings, especially portraits. Don’t be afraid! Visit Kanthi to talk about her work in Studio 324 on the third floor of Lowe Mill.

My paintings are a reflection of the things I adore and feel passionate about. Typical themes that inspire me include people and portraits, nature, fashion, abstract patterns, and photography. Depending on my mood, my style ranges from realistic to surreal and whimsical–sometimes all in the same piece.

One thing that is apparent about my art: color motivates me, especially the jewel tones. I create contrast and drama in my compositions by using striking color. Patterning, repetition, and intricate details are also prevalent in my work–whether it be organic shapes or exotic, opulent designs. I am also known to experiment with texture; my pieces have a combination of smooth airbrushed qualities and rough impasto effects. I always aspire to incorporate highly dreamlike connotations into my work.

I specialize in oil and acrylic paintings, although I also create using pencil, pastel, and other mediums. Please contact me if you are interested in a commissioned painting, portrait, or drawing. My studio is located on the third floor of Lowe Mill, Studio 324, if you would like to visit me.
Email Phone (256) 604-8833