Karma RagsKarma Rags is more than just your local vintage clothing shop. Owner Cheryl Carlson started this independent business with a mission and a vision: Growing a fashion culture that supports local while thinking globally, encouraging a community that up-cycles and reuses clothing and textiles to minimize waste and maximize thrift, and challenging people to outright reject conventions that say there is a certain way we are supposed to dress and look.

A long-time founding member of Flying Monkey Arts, Cheryl infuses these ideas into everything she does, from offering grants to aspiring designers, to hosting an annual “Anti-Fashion” show that transforms the FlyMo Theatre stage into a runway of anything-goes iconoclastic modeling. Sound like your kind of scene? Then meet Cheryl and pick up a funky new hat, vintage printed sundress, or whatever other item you want to defiantly wear at Karma Rags in Studio¬†272 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

Karma Rags features reasonably priced vintage and contemporary Hand-Me-Downs, and is located in Flying Monkey Arts at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. Karma Rags is independently and radically owned. Karma Rags accepts cash and checks only.

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