“Communication and interaction with audience is an essential aspect of my art. The main purpose of my artwork is to help deliver a person’s stories and connect them with each other. The central subject being Interaction.

I am a painter, interactive media artist, educator, and entrepreneur. These experiences have helped me grow as a multidisciplinary artist. I studied interactive tools and methods for 10 years to inspire empathetic moments when audience meets art. My painting reveals a connection between individual stories and art. Each character in my paintings communicates with society by tools such as a microscope, a telephone, and a name card.

My artwork has been constantly changing to active interaction with audience. My central subject was expanded to interactive media art performance over painting format. This project induced audience to active participation gradually with interactive media devices and participative process. At last, audience became a main character who drives the project with an artist.

My future plan is collecting people’s stories by interviewing, and presenting their stories in my painting and media artwork with them. I believe my art work can address a deeper meaning of interaction with art through this communicative process.”