For painter Michele Lee, art has been life-changing. Michele began sketching while battling addiction years ago, and says that art came to replace drugs and alcohol, giving new color to her life. As her interest in art grew, she co-founded a faux-finished company, learning techniques that have translated into unique surface finishes in her paintings. She also operated an art gallery in downtown Madison before opening a studio at Lowe Mill, but these days she’s focused on her own, personal work. She began creating art in a much more realistic style, but began to feel stagnant, and a world of experimentation was opened up when she decided to start creating work that followed her own vision.

Her work begins by pouring paint directly onto the canvas, then “romancing the canvas” with abstract mark-making until images begin to coalesce on the canvas. Her most recognizable work is full of vibrant colors and imaginative figures with bright eyes and expressive faces, balanced with expressive brushstrokes that give the work a sense of unbridled freedom. Michele is never content with sticking to what she knows, and her style is constantly evolving into new and unexplored waters.

You can find Michele’s lively paintings at her Studio 117 on the first floor of Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

“I create art because I have a deep craving. When I paint, I never know what will come out. It has been a type of meditation for me, getting lost in each piece I create and not knowing who it is for, is exciting!” “But the true joy is watching people connect with their piece of art. It is a way to share my experience, strength and hope”.

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