Monica Yother is the MY in MY Designs Graphic Design and Illustration, and has been a graphic designer for over 30 years. Her work includes logo design, websites, all manner of branding materials and illustrations in a variety of media. Because she is also a painter, her design work is often described as “creative”, “beautiful”, “unique”, “polished”, and always professional. Monica has been in studio 114 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment since the first floor opened and enjoys meeting with clients there during the week and painting on the weekends (and as often as possible during the week!) She teaches workshops on graphic design, website building and WordPress, and private art lessons. She also loves hosting painting parties for families, birthdays, and for non-profits
When I design for clients, I listen and ask a lot of questions. I look for visual ways to tell their story, and help new businesses find their authentic identity. I build a lot of websites these days, and am constantly learning new things. Being an artist as well as a graphic designer, I just cannot use templates so every thing I do is custom work, created specifically for my client.

My art is all about capturing movement and grace, strength and vulnerability. I gravitate towards dance and equine figures. My dance art is often recognized because every year for the last 10 years I have created original pieces for Huntsville Ballet to use through the season. It’s interesting that while that art is fluid and loose, I paint highly detailed “horse and hound” portraits…and birds, too! I guess it’s that dichotomy of my whole career… I love being able to walk a few steps from my computers to my easel and switch from designer to painter.

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