MY Designs Graphic Design and Illustration is located in Studio 114, run by Monica Yother.

When I make art, it is a sort of like a quest to find grace in what I am painting. Dance and equine art are two of my favorite subjects, because they are graceful by nature, but at the same time there is a raw power and energy that is exciting to me. I use color and a gestural style to describe that energy. When I do mixed media and word art, the grace I am looking for is sometimes in the words I use, or just in the overall feel, and these tend to be much quieter than my dance and equine art. Music is really important to me when I paint, and I could look at any one of my paintings and tell you what I was listening to!
I love sharing art..whether it’s being inspired by the other artists at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, or inviting guests into the studio to paint in a “Pony Painting Party”. I feel very blessed to be where I am.
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