We are Pelta Games, an experimental art/games studio where Art & Games intersect. It’s where “Art is Play and Play is Art”.

The side that captures your interest like a shiny penny or full Moon is at the core of art. Games have this and reach people where Art has failed. As kids playing games we loved the tactile immersive experience of playing with objects that are truly magical, imbued with all that imagination can conjure up.

It seems Play is the creative center that all of us start with. It nurtures us from our earliest moments and is critical in helping us grow an understanding of ourselves, our world, and our brief existence. This is where the primordial urge to Make takes form as expression and is the power and essence of mind. From all this, possibilities crowd each other for attention. They cross lines, interact, and connect in new ways.

So our initial goal is to have fun- designing, developing, playing, and publishing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) games in a community makerspace where anyone can drop by to see and participate as “Art is Play and Play is Art” unfolds.

There will be gaming, playtesting, demos, and other events based on what people want. And game designers are welcome to stop in- we’d love to see what you are up to! New opportunities, collaboration, and partnering are always of interest.

Follow us on FaceBook to find our calendar of Events and drop in any time to find out more.

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