Sara BowenArtist Sara Bowen’s fascination with ceramic pottery goes beyond simple aesthetics, deep into the history of useful objects throughout the centuries. Although her interest in throwing unformed clay into pots, bowls, planters, and vases began in high school, it was Sara’s college education that unlocked her understanding that functional art objects carry the stories of those who once used them far into the future. That theme informs every piece this young artist creates today, leaving it clear to anyone viewing Sara’s determined craftsmanship that she is a creator who cares deeply about each new story she pushes into the stream of time.

You can own and use a piece of that history for yourself any time you purchase hand-made ware. To see Sara’s unique offerings or request a custom order, visit Studio¬†255 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

I make pots with clean, organic silhouettes often punctuated with sharp angles, glazed with earthy jewel tones. I enjoy the challenge of making design and function work together in my pieces. I especially like making pieces with specific functions, like berry bowls, pitchers with juicer inserts, and self-watering violet pots.
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